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The Guild 3 on The Guild & Die Gilde are registered trademarks of THQ Nordic AB, Sweden. All other brands, product names and logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. The Guild 2 - Wikipedia The team employed Pierre Langer of Dynamedion, to produce the album music and the sound effects for the Guild 2. The soundtrack was composed and recorded in the Thuringian Philharmonic Gotha-Suhl under the conduction by Bernd Ruf with a… The Italian Renaissance | The Great Courses

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The Guild 2 Renaissance is all about Politics. Characters of all Professions and appropriate Titular rank can apply for a Political Office in the Town Meeting Hall. Politics in "Guild 2: Renaissance" | Our Pastimes 15 Sep 2017 ... The political system in “The Guild 2: Renaissance” can be almost completely ignored by players in favor of other activities. However, you can ... Guide :: Starter/Help Guide to Guild 2 - Steam Community 15 Aug 2015 ... This Guide will also help you by showing the easiest ways to earn gold in each class of Guild ... The Guild II: Renaissance .... Politics and Favor.

The Guild 2 Renaissance - #1 - Scholar - Casual … 21/04/2017 · In this playthrough we guide our Scholar Man of the Bar dynasty and his family members through 1400's Germany as we run the local church, bank, and mages guild! This will be a full playthrough of Steam Community :: Guide :: The First True Guild ll …

In Guild 2, the market and economy system is living. Prices go up and down base on Supply and Demand. SO if you are running a business empire be aware what towns have what prices so you can buy raw goods at the cheapest and sell your goods at the most profit. If you have AI run your businesses then it will automatically find best prices. How to become powerful fast and cheaply :: The Guild II ... steamapps\common\the guild 2 renaissance\config.ini Look for the following and modify them as you wish (these are the defaults): [INIT-PLAYER-0] HasResidence = 1 Workshops = 0 Money = 10000 Married = 0 Professions | The Guild 2 Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia There are four main professions in "The Guild 2." Patrons, Craftsman (occasionally referred to as Tradesmen), Scholars, and Rogues. Each of these Professions ... The Guild 2 - Wikipedia